Who are we?

GX2ware is a software development company who’s goal is to revolutionize the lives of our customers through the software we create.

We specialize in mobile app and custom software development.

This can range anywhere from a mobile app to talk about your business to a full blown web application to revolutionize how you do business.

What Do we do?

We will take your idea or project from the idea or concept stage
and develop it to fit exactly what you want.

By sitting down with our customers and really understanding what what problem they are trying to solve, we end up with a perfect understanding of what needs to be created.

Having all these requirements gives us the tools needed to provide an accurate cost estimate and deliver a product that fits your needs exactly.

How Do We

Let’s take another example of business that is doing well, but it is struggling to provide the best service it can and grow its customer base due to extremely time consuming processes.

Since this business is running on inefficient processes for the day to day work items like order processing, invoicing, etc… they are spending hours and hours on work that does not service their customers or grow their business.

GX2ware can come in, have a discussion with the business
to discuss these issues and create custom software to meet all their needs
and free up time to service and grow their customer base.

Coming soon

The GX2ware app is currently in development and
will be in the Google Play and Apple App Stores soon.

Stay tuned for more updates...

Contact Us

If you want to get started building your app,
have any questions about the different features your app can incorporate,
or would like to know how GX2ware can Revolutionize your business,
click the button below drop us a line.

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Our Services

Android Apps

Custom Mobile Apps for Android

iOS Apps

Custom Mobile Apps for iOS

Web / Desktop Apps

Custom Web and Desktop Applications

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